BE THE NEXT CHAMPION! – Men’s EHF European Handball Championship 2022


Team building and community building in the spirit of the Olympics. We offer this during our activity designed for certified athletes between the ages of 12-16.

We know they all dream (why wouldn’t they) that one day they will be there at the Olympics and can stand on the podium. During our program, we present what events, stages lead an athlete from qualification through accreditation to the top of the podium, to the announcement of the results. In all of this the interactive adventure park of the Watch Games. See More. helps us. We bring this park to sports clubs, camps and youth events.

Our activity starts with a team building game and then the participating youngsters – with the help of a quiz and memory game – gain accreditation for the game, which gives a glimpse of the behind the scenes of the processes taking place at the Olympics. At the various stations, children will encounter many interesting challenges and trials, and with the help of the most modern tools the results become a digital experience. In the WGSM theme park among others we perform balance-, response time and shot strength measurement.
Trying out the Shout-o-meter also reveals who can cheer the loudest. In addition, kids can try their hand at the paddle bench with the electronic smart pillow and gives an insight into the mysteries of fencing, as well as the Olympic medal and podium comes to life at the end of the activity.

Become the next champion – for now in our interactive adventure park!

We are waiting for the application and participation of sports clubs in our program!