Chill MORE – Men’s EHF European Handball Championship 2022


We don’t want to have a big rush for you during the time spent with us. In fact, we’ll be here to find chill opportunities where you can relax, where you can forget the day-to-day problems, and where you can calm down after your team’s losing game or just hang out satisfied after your boy’s winning.

The opportunity is given: you can relax in the heart of Europe. The host cities have world-famous spa and thermal water, the spa culture is especially in a high level in Budapest, but we can also recommend a café tour as well as a museum tour.

And as we meet in January, let’s go to the skating rink in a wonderful surrounding.

Sit back or take a walk and enjoy the moment!


Hungary and Budapest have one of the most colourful and sophisticated bathing cultures in the world! It is no coincidence that dozens of natural springs erupt in the capital and the baths have gained world fame over the centuries.

Go to the Széchenyi, Rudas or Lukács baths and relax, enjoy the moment!


Skate on Europe’s largest figure skating rink, in the City Park, which has been popular for centuries and is always cozy.

Or elsewhere, as you have plenty of opportunities – check out the offer of We Love Budapest!


You can also swim in the Great Forest (Nagyerdő) in the winter of January: the Aquaticum offers a thermal bath, spa and wellness facilities. A good sauna before the match? There is your place!

Take a look around the Aquaticum!


If you want to relax and chill in Szeged, visit the Anna Bath, the city’s legendary spa building with wellness and spa services, which has been operating since 1896. Night bathing is also available on Wednesdays.

Once you are there, taste the healing water of the Anna Fountain on the corner in front of the spa.

Take a look at the website of the spas in Szeged!