Taste More – 2022 EHF European men's handball championship


More than just goulash, more than just fish soup, more than just pirog.
Hungary has grown into one of the most significant tourist destinations in Europe in recent years, thanks to its sparkling, constantly renewing and diverse gastronomic offer, which responds to current trends. Traditions fit in well with the revolutionary innovations, as both the guest and the host are accommodating – it is no coincidence that the palette is especially colourful in Budapest and in other cities.

We are fortunate to be able to show and offer this unparalleled variety to our guests arriving at the EHF EURO 2022. ’Let’s eat a good one’ – we know that this desire and the curiosity and excitement inherent in it drive many of us every day, and we are proud that we can give a rich and colorful answer to it – also through our partners.

Whether it is street food, a wine bar, a trendy bistro, a new-wave café, craft beer, the masterpieces of international cuisine or tasting traditional Hungarian and Slovak flavours – quality and premium tips will be here for us.

Enjoy your meal! Jó étvágyat! Dobrú chuť!