DRAW A TALE! – Men’s EHF European Handball Championship 2022


The WGSM team is announcing a drawing competition for children aged 7-10. Just as the EHF EURO 2022 will be more than a simple sporting event, this drawing competition goes beyond a traditional drawing initiative.


Because we believe in community experiences, not only during the tournament, but also in the run-up to it: our goal is for this European Championship and our programmes and the journey that has taken us so far with full of anticipation and preparation, to move everyone and create long-lasting experiences.
At the end of the competition, we will receive not only a tangible end result, but also a thematic animated tale – to promote the European Championship and handball.

Step 1: Define the theme of the drawings by starting and formulating a story for you in a few sentences, this is where the tale begins. Step 2: You have to continue and finish this story with the drawings and the characters given, using your imagination and creativity. Step 3: We select the 7 best drawings and the characters on them with the help of the jury as well as of the audience vote. Step 4: From the winning drawings, BOOKR Kids, in collaboration with the WGSM team, will create an animated fairy tale film using the depicted characters, which will eventually be released online.


The clock immediately strikes the 60th minute, the second hand sets off for the last lap. The standing is: a draw. Players on both sides step in once again, wiping their foreheads, gathering their remaining strength because they want to win. Our team, too: we have to cling together again. The audience is on their feet: sometimes the buzz of the fly can be heard in the tense silence, the other moment everyone is already bouncing and yelling by the track. They hang also on the chandelier, everyone was waiting for this match.
At the edge of the field, our substitutes are clinging to each other and watching the others fighting. Our goalkeeper defends tremendously, the last attack is ours: there is no other choice: the ball must somehow get into the goal….
Our characters (with the position on the field):
  • Wolf – centre back
  • Cat – left back
  • Frog – right back
  • Rabbit – left wing
  • Fox – right wing
  • Bear – goalkeeper
  • Bull – pivot
    A four-member jury will select the 6 best drawings from the received applications. In addition, an audience vote will be launched on our Facebook page, the winning drawing of which will also be included in the drawings that form the basis of the tale.
    (It's no coincidence that we select 6 + 1 drawings and characters to refer to the players on the field of a handball team.)
    The members of the jury are: József Keresztesi, the writer of the fairy tale, Tamara Zsigmond, the narrator of the fairy tale, Adrián Sipos national handball player and Erika Kirsner, the vice-president of the Hungarian Handball Federation.

    Children born between 2011 and 2014 can take part in the drawing competition, with the consent of their parents and guardians.

    TECHNICAL CONDITIONS: • Drawings should be made on A/4 paper, using traditional techniques, ie colored or graphite pencils, crayons, felt. It is important that the drawing contains clearly discernible characters.
    • Drawings must be uploaded online to the specified interface.
    • Please upload a high quality, scanned or photographed image.
    • Create your own character, do not draw fairy tale characters that already exist. The latter is an exclusionary reason.
    • In the case of several characters, if possible, there should be only one page, drawn in a large size and compressed, and uploaded in PDF format to the specified surface.
    • Animals should be drawn in “human form,” that is, standing upright on two legs.
    • Up to 7 files can be uploaded to a single e-mail address only once.


    The animated tale will also be featured on WGSM’s official Youtube channel, Facebook and other social media interfaces, as well as the BOOKR Kids interface, the free downloadable Tale Library app. There will be interactive tasks at the end of the online tale. At the end of the project, a storytelling booklet will be printed from environmentally conscious materials, which will fit the image of the European Championship and serve as a representative gift for the success of the tournament.


    The prize of the 7 winners is one tablet and the completed printed storybook.


    You can apply from April 26, 2021 for two weeks until May 9. The drawings must be uploaded electronically to this SURFACE.