GAME UP! – Men’s EHF European Handball Championship 2022


You haven't tried handball like this – that is for sure!

Our interactive park with its digital devices and installations was designed mostly for young people aged 10-14, but if you’re a bit older, we won’t tell you no either.

You can meet our activities in schools, school events, the most important Hungarian handball matches, various festivals and fairs, (leisure) sport events, for the remaining time before the tournament kicks off. Get ready for the 2022 Handball European Championship with us and find out how you would do on the handball court or in the stands!

The adventure park consists of several stations, there are physical and theoretical activities, each with points you can collect and in the end it will be revealed which post you would be most deployable. With the most modern digital devices we measure your sense of balance, your vertical jump, the strength of your shot, and your response time, but your running speed and your shooting accuracy will be revealed as well. In addition to throwing from long-distance, you can try the robotic-passing machine and at the theme park you can also find quiz and memory games related to the rules of handball. One of the most popular parts of our activity is the so-called Shout-O-Meter, an application which measures and visualizes the volume of your cheering.

On the top of all, a photo will be taken of you: supplemented by the image-elements of the European Championship.

See you in our theme park and at the 2022 European Championship!