MIKLÓS CSABI PINCÉJE – Men’s EHF European Handball Championship 2022



„Everything is good if it's the „ezerjó”/thousand-good” – says Csabi Miklós, the head of the family winery in the Mór wine region. His fresh, youthful, passionate activity is well characterized by some details of his ars poetica:

„I’m lucky: I have nice duties in a beautiful environment. In short, that’s a thousand-good – „ezerjó”/-- reason already. I am thinking not only of the grape varieties, but of the Mór-atmosphere. For the careful and passionate everyday life, the value creation of the viticultural and oenological work and the sincere, appreciative smile of our guests. (…)
I love the role and achievements of wine in my life. The taste, the color, the movement, the momentum, the content, the development, the opportunity and all the experiences related to wine. Yes, I chose this beautiful and vivid craft because of that. (…) It is a great task, with countless opportunities to create something that makes us dream and desire our future with satisfaction, sincere and true spiritual peace.”

„I believe in the bright future of my Mór cellar and in the experience provided by my wines” says Csabi Miklós, whose chardonnay, the official wine of the EHF EURO 2022, you can taste at our events and at our outdoor stations.

And what is our Taste more wine like?

Well: one of the most popular grape varieties in the wine league. It moves comfortably in Mór, but it really gives off his virtuosity in the glass and along the sideline. In addition to key passes, its greatest strengths are its tight, blade acids and the fullbodied, vanilla flavors. It is an excellent choice for watching matches, during scoring and cheering.