MOJO – Men’s EHF European Handball Championship 2022



The history of the MOJO brand began in 2016, when the founder, Miklós Mátrai, was invited for a barbecue party. Since the event was held outdoors, there could be no high-tech studio conditions, the music was provided by a portable speaker. The quality of the sound was far from ideal, so during that evening Miklos started to think, how this could be fixed for future outdoor events. This is when the history of MOJO began, followed by extensive research for valid solutions.
Miklós Mátrai’s goal was to create his own brand, within the framework of a project where he offers excellent sound at an affordable price on the domestic market. At the end of the year, MOJO was created, offering custom-designed speakers, headphones and earphones, and other additional technical products.

By the way, unique design!

From the very beginning, the founder thought about how to support Hungarian contemporary art, illustrators, graphic artists and designers. Finally, after some market research and assessment of current neeeds, in 2019 the Art Space initiative was launched, with the goal of showing talented creators what exceptional things can come from the merge of product design and art. When the first series was born, they teamed up with some of the most prominent graphic designers in the industry to create a truly unique capsule collection.
Encouraged by tremendous success and interest (renowned singers and musicians lined up behind the brand), the team has since focused on building the Art Space community and developing MOJO products. Today they are engaged in the production of more than 20 types of products and the assembly takes place almost entirely in Hungary.

MOJO also incorporates the inimitable FeelMOJO lifestyle, embodied in the possibility of boundless enjoyment of music. Wherever you are, whatever you listen. It's just you and the music that matters.

„Music is our life. It moves us, not just outside, but inside as well” says MOJO, which helps the success of the EHF EURO 2022 and its Watch Games. See More – festival-feel with the new custom-designed headphones.