PLAY WITH US! – Men’s EHF European Handball Championship 2022


We believe that beside a world-class level of organizing it, the EHF EURO 2022 (and the programs around it) provide tangible opportunity for bridging the gap for certain disadvantaged groups in the society.

In the next year through handball and through our events we want to present opportunities for less privileged children, those living in orphanages and those who students of certain type of disadvantaged schools to get to know the power of community-building in sport, and to get acquainted with new impulses and enrich their life with joyful experience.

In our Kids-handball program we organize handball training for them, during which they can discover the experience of handball, and they get a chance to express themselves. With new impulses they can formulate goals for themselves, and these goals will also help their later integration. Our target groups are residents of children’s homes (3-18 years old) and students of educational institutions (6-18 years old), the weekly-based activities are led by teachers who have received special training.

We can also arrange the program for children’s homes and schools where gyms or outdoor courts are not available – we would arrange these activities at a third party venue. The goal of our experience-focused handball training is to gain a positive playing experience. The kids are practicing the technical and tactical elements in a success-oriented, emotionally safe, varied and challenging environment, all in a playful way.

While we aim for developing the skills of the youth, and our focus remains on the experience of success, all participants can find their takeaway from the program, because it is not designed for producing professional handball players within a short time.

Cooperation and acceptance, the development of team spirit – these are also the goals of our program.