URBANGO – Men’s EHF European Handball Championship 2022



Are you familiar with programmed, fast-paced sightseeing with strangers? When you follow only one umbrella and meanwhile a lot of information rushes at you that you may not be able to receive, would you rather forget?

Urbango was created to be a more lovable, freer, yet exciting and varied sightseeing offer.
We love open and loose things. For example, if we can explore the area with our family or friends, and if we just like something, we can stop to look around, take photos, or just have a drink. Of course, it is reassuring when an invisible hand still leads us to guide us to the most exciting and interesting places.

Since we thought others had similar urban experiences, Urbango combines sightseeing with a single player, challenging and providing meaningful experiences for young and old alike with a treasure hunt!
This time in the spirit of the European Championship!

Complete the 16-station interactive course in downtown Budapest, while rediscovering this beautiful and exciting city, getting to know handball better and tuning in to the EHF EURO 2022!

The treasure hunt can begin.