WWF MAGYARORSZÁG – Men’s EHF European Handball Championship 2022


Can a large-scale international sport event be really green? Can we draw attention to sustainability and environmental awareness? We believe so. Environmental protection will be given a special role in the preparations for the EHF EURO 2022 and in the organization of the event. In this spirit, we want to reduce the carbon dioxide footprint of the EHF EURO 2022.

Together with WWF Hungary, we assessed the expected amount of carbon dioxide emitted during the travel of the teams participating in the tournament. Total emissions are estimated at the equivalent of 182.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide, this figure is the starting point for us.

It is important to know that this output is only a part of the output of the whole event, as the total footprint includes the travel of the participants, the energy consumption related to the accommodation, the event venues, the meals and much more.
Through our collaboration, we aim to compensate the carbon footprint of travel with a habitat reconstruction program. Our goal is to increase the extent of natural habitats, to establish ecological networks, and to preserve biodiversity while reducing the risk of flooding in a village.

We have announced an afforestation program, trees planted in Kosd, Pest County, and habitat development will be able to compensate for the carbon dioxide emissions in a few decades. Our habitat reconstruction project not only helps eliminate the carbon footprint, but will ensure the creation of the ecosystems of many species and related services. Thus the protected species can find new habitat, and also can achieve results in terms of erosion protection and micro climate control.

We are proud to leave a (useful) mark on the (eco) system and draw attention to the importance of protecting our environment.