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  • We baptized him: hello, Tricky!
    The name of our mascot, our reindeer, presented earlier, was decided by public vote. You can meet the funny and sometimes naughty figure at the fun zone of the European Football Championship at Erzsébet Sqaure in the coming weeks. Here you can also try our adventure park.
  • HEART FORWARD: message to the Hungarian football team!
    Euro 2021 will also start for the Hungarian national team. Before Tuesday’s match against Portugal, members of the men’s national handball team, also preparing for the continental tournament, the EHF EURO 2022, formulated a short but all-encompassing message to reassure the boys of their support.
  • Portuguese sigh: „After all, Budapest is a beautiful city, isn’t it?”
    Márton Székely, goalkeeper of the Hungarian men’s handball team is already looking forward to the EHF EURO 2022, including the Hungarian-Portuguese group match. The player who has been with Porto for the past few months is also looking forward to the football team’s European Championship group match against Portugal on Tuesday. Upon his return, we were asked for a brief status report.
  • Draw a tale: we have the winning characters
    The joint initiative of WGSM and BOOKR Kids has entered a new phase: the jury and the audience have selected the protagonists of the handball tale from more than 500 application. The figures will soon “come to life” and greet the creators and the European Championship in the form of an animated tale.
  • Interactive handball park during the Euro 2021: come and try it!
    On the fan zone next to the Akvárium Club, in addition to watching the matches of the European Football Championship, you can also spend time actively: you can try out Watch Games. See More. interactive handball adventure park between two matches.
  • Cool Hunters: our adventure hunter could already see the sun in Szeged!
    Csaba Magyarósi was again in Szeged, one of the host cities of the EHF EURO 2022. The always exciting city once again gifted our vlogger with a lot of experiences, and he gifted us – with a great video post.
  • Dániel Buday: „EHF EURO 2022 will be a quality (sports) experience!”
    A series of interviews until the start of the European Championship: we ask the dominant Hungarian handball players of the last decades about the Hungarian tournament, their previous European Championship experiences and expectations.
  • WGSM TV: we watched the best women’s club teams in Europe
    We continue to prepare for the biggest domestic handball event in 2022, and after a long time we were able to experience a real game atmosphere. We also expect this in January, at the first men’s handball championship in Hungary and Slovakia.
  • Sports Marketing: Our social campaign won a creative award
    The Hungarian organizing committee of the 2022 Men's Handball European Championship won one of the professional award from the Sportmarketing Department of the Hungarian Marketing Association. The most creative social media project was the Watch Games. See More. campaign, we are proud of it.
  • Chip is inside the official ball of EURO 2022!
    The official balls of the Hungarian-Slovak European Men's Handball Championship are made in a Danish manufactory. SELECT Ultimate iBall is not unfamiliar to handball players, this event will be the sixth in a row under the auspices of the European Handball Federation which uses this ball.
  • Tamás Iváncsik: „The EHF EURO 2022 will be a gift for all players!”
    No European Championship is easy, but the host Hungarian national team will be able to solve its tasks in the group stage. This is what Tamás Iváncsik, the former 117-time national team player, World Cup-6th and World Cup 7th placed, multiple Hungarian and Norwegian champion winger, who has been working for the youth of Veszprém for many years, but even plays actively, in the second division. According to him, the EHF EURO 2022 will be the celebration of handball and a huge opportunity not only at Budapest but also at Szeged and Debrecen, in two cities where this sport has a huge tradition.
  • Szeged awaits handball lovers with a new arena and the strongest group!
    The Szeged New Arena, which will be built on the occasion of the European Championship, will host – without exaggeration - the European handball stars during the group matches in January. Anyone who takes advantage of the opportunity to buy a bundle for top handball can also watch the Croatian-Serbian-French trio's advancement up close. Six matches in one of the youngest and most popular cities in Hungary: this will be the menu between 13 and 17 January 2022.
  • You should go to Debrecen, you should watch world champions!
    One of the biggest chances of the EHF EURO 2022, the reigning world champion Denmark, will play its matches in Debrecen. With the bundles for the six matches of the Debrecen group, you can watch the EC-4th placed Slovenians as well as the balanced selection of Northern Macedonian and Montenegrin team. The Főnix Hall, which has already hosted a number of world events, will be renewed on the occasion of the European Championship.
  • Tournament draw is completed: Hungary is in a balanced group
    The group rankings of the 2022 European Men’s Handball Championship were drawn in Budapest. The co-host Hungarian team will fight against Portugal, Iceland and the Netherlands in Budapest, the defending Spaniards have joined the Swedes, the Czechs and the Bosnians in one of the groups in Bratislava. The sale of bundle tickets for the Debrecen and Szeged group matches will start on Friday, May 7 at 12 noon.
  • Cool Hunters: we visited the new arena in Szeged with Mirko Alilović
    One of our cool adventure hunters, Henry Kettner visited Szeged last time and he had an illustrious guest in one of the host cities of the European Championship. They could also look into the arena which is under construction.
  • Draw: here’s the new episode of WGSM TV, behind the scenes!
    Our magazine programme dealing with the background work of the European Championship, the organization, curiosities and the everyday life of the Hungarian national team came up with a new episode.
  • Game Time: good fun, nice work, thank you for the opportunity!
    The online series of challenges of the Hungarian Student Sports Association (MDSZ), which was launched instead of the traditional Student Olympics, is over. Handball was the most popular of the eight sports, with more than….
  • The sale of bundle tickets in Szeged and Debrecen has started
    Bundle tickets can also be purchased for the Szeged and Debrecen venues of EHF EURO 2022. In Szeged, the Croatian-Serbian-French triple battle promises to be exciting, while the world champion Denmark will play in Debrecen.
  • Tournament draw is completed: Hungary is in a balanced group
    The group rankings of the 2022 European Men’s Handball Championship were drawn in Budapest. The co-host Hungarian team will fight against Portugal, Iceland and the Netherlands in Budapest, the defending Spaniards have joined the Swedes, the Czechs and the Bosnians in one of the groups in Bratislava.
  • We are hunting for the name for the official mascot of the Men’s EHF EURO 2022 Will you help us out?
    We’ve been enriched with a real master of fun, but we haven’t baptized our new friend. The decision is in your hands: you can choose from three names on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


During the presentation – whichwas organized within the framework of the „Sports event organization” course –Szabolcs Bíró presented in detail how the brand of the Hungarian-Slovak co-organizedEHF EURO 2022 developed.